Top 8 tools every wire wrapper needs and why

Top 8 tools every wire wrapper needs and why

What are the most essential tools a wire wrapper can have? We could list many helpful but optional items for our wire-wrapping journey. I wanted to share the tools I’ve found myself reaching for repeatedly, and I think you will, too.

Pliers are the most critical tool a wire wrapper can have; ensuring quality tools will help reduce the risk of nicking or scratching your wire.

If you can only afford a few things, start with Flat-nose pliers and wire cutters.

These will do the most essential jobs for you; flat nose pliers are a very versatile tool for wire wrapping; they can do almost any job. Wire cutters are self-explanatory. Stepped round nose pliers are also a must-have if you prefer the flow and filigree style they will help you keep your bends symmetrical to each other (also allowing you to create Seed of Life flowers, my favorite thing to make!)

Rulers, Clamps, and a Graph notebook are a must-have in my studio.

Rulers ensure I keep waste to a minimum and allow for accurate, symmetrical creations, Clamps offer an extra helping hand when you’re weaving tiny details and would like to keep your bases tightly together, and a graphed notebook allows me to draw symmetrical designs.

Last but not least are Files and Polishing Clothes

After I’ve finished a piece, I like to go over it with a small jewelry file to ensure it won’t snag clothing or poke a client, and then polish it with a polishing cloth to create a shiny, clean piece.

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